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Please Favorite if you download, so I know what I should create more of, However I am open to suggestions.

All of my stock will/is rendered using Poser Models and Textures in a neutral light without or with minor shadows for your artistic freedom. Preview images are ALWAYS smaller then the file itself.


1.) You have to be an active member of DeviantArt to use my stock
- This stock is to be used by DeviantART Members ONLY!. If you don't have anything in your gallery and have made no comments and your account is completely blank or is a plz account only made to access to DA stock to use off site, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE MY STOCK!!!. You MUST have an ART GALLERY with YOUR ARTWORK HERE on DeviantArt.
FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

2.) You have to credit me AND the stock you used in your description
- You have to credit my account as well as the stock you used in the description of your finished image/artwork (which MUST be uploaded to DeviantART) with Links. This is also a REQUIREMENT of DA.
: devmidnight-designed : or : iconmidnight-designed : (without spaces) and either the :linkcode: or the :thumbcode: for the used stock image.
FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?

3.) You have to notify me about your artwork
- Show me your work by either leaving a comment with a link on the stock used (this is preferred) or you can note me. I'd love to see the work you created, So I can favorite it/comment and of course do a "monthly feature" regarding the resources I provide. Do NOT link me to your work on other sites without having posted on DeviantArt.

4.) You have to manipulate my stock
- Try to use your imagination. Share your dreams, visions, emotions. Create new possibilites, worlds and works.
DO NOT consider changing: Hue/Saturation/Contrast or minor alterations like: dodge/burn/blend/overlay/color filters etc. Also: Simple copying and pasting onto a background does NOT count as a manipulation. You have to make substantial changes to the stock pieces in order for them to qualify as new work. ~ YOU MAY NOT POST/UPLOAD YOUR WORK IN THE STOCK/RESOURCES CATEGORY.

5.) You may NOT use my stock to create new stock
- Do NOT use my stock if you intend to release the results as more stock (ex: premade backgrounds, brushes). THIS INCLUDES ALL OF MY 3D STOCK AND BACKGROUND STOCK. FREE & EXCLUSIVE!

6.) You may NOT redistribute my stock
- You MAY NOT download the resources/stock and submit/redistribute any of the items in any way as your own, here or any other site. If anyone wants to use the stock, link them to the stock in question. It's very simple. My stock may not be redistributed in any way, shape, or form without my prior explicit WRITTEN PERMISSION. THIS INCLUDES ALL OF MY 3D STOCK AND BACKGROUND STOCK. FREE & EXCLUSIVE!

7.) You may NOT sell my stock
- You may NOT download the resources/stock and sell any of the stock png packs and/or objects in any way as your own. here or on any other site. THIS INCLUDES ALL OF MY 3D STOCK AND BACKGROUND STOCK. FREE & EXCLUSIVE!

8.) You may NOT use my stock outside of DeviantART
- Do NOT use my stock outside of DA without my prior explicit WRITTEN PERMISSION. This includes not only webpages, blogs, forums, boards but also social network sites: Facebook, myspace, flickr, twitter, etc as well as image hosting site like: Photobucket, imageshack, tinypic, etc. YOU MUST ASK FOR PERMISSION FIRST!
- I give out general main permissions for ALL, even future images to known artists ONLY.

9.) You may NOT abuse my stock
> Violence and/or Torture against Men, Women, Children and/or Animals
> Hate Art towards: Animals, person, group, race, country, and/or religion
> Extreme Gore in general (no splatting or killing of animals and/or people)
> Dismemberment, Derogatory
Politics (not in an offensive way), Racism
Sexism, Pornography, Extreme Fetishism/Bondage
Child/Animal Abuse
Child Nudity/Child Erotica
And/Or Anything that is disgusting/Morally wrong/ Illegal/ Offensive/ Intolerant.

YOU ARE ALLOWED to use this stock in any works that depict the Following:
Slight/Mild Horror, Macabre (Think Halloween)
Religious/Spiritual work (DO NOT condemn other religions)
Aesthetic Nudity, Erotica, Mild Fetishism/Bondage (All for People/Figures OVER the age of 18)
FAQ #12: DeviantArt doesn't allow 'Hate Art', 'Hate Speech' or 'Hate Propaganda', what is this?
FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic imagery'; what do you consider this to be?

10.) You may NOT use my stock together with "Celebrity" or "Anime/Manga" stock
- Images of Celebrities and Anime/Manga found through Search engines like: Google and/or Yahoo, or on tumblr, etc; then cut-out and uploaded to dA's Stock & Resources gallery are ILLEGAL stock. They are NOT stock! So, do NOT use my stock in any manip together with these so called celebrity and/or anime/manga stock
Exception: There are 3D meshes who are morphed into a celebrity/anime character likeness; since these are indeed renders of 3D models the provider has the right to offer them as stock and these are indeed Legal.

11.) You may NOT use my stock at second life
- Under NO circumstances are you allowed to use my stock at Second Life; Blame LindenLab, the owners as they changed their TOS in a way that they get COMPLETE 'rights' over anything uploaded at their site as of the date of their new TOS. This is a VERY SEVERE copyright infringement which is NOT acceptable.

12.) You may NOT use my stock on RPG/SIM GAME/GRAPHIC Sites
- Do NOT use my UN-/manipulated stock in ANY way, shape or form for the following. If you plan on offering the result free for others to use.
Creation of RP avatars/facebook timeline covers/character profiles including Horse RP sites (ex: horse, ponybox, etc)
Tubing, Glitter tags, Banners (ex:, similar sites)
Layouts (ex: Myspace, facebook, blogger/wordpress themes, twitter, livejournal and/or similar sites)
Wallpapers/screensavers/background images for other devices such as smartphones
~ Permission WILL NOT be granted for any of the above ~
~ However, if you create a layout/cover for YOUR OWN personal use and don't plan on sharing it, Permission will be granted for this purpose ONLY. If you are unsure please contact me by dA note. Please don't assume it will be ok. 
~ Horse/Equine manipulations are allowed for DA USE ONLY ~

Further Information

DeviantArt Prints & Premium Content
FREE STOCK is for Non-Commercial use ONLY. So, Deviantart Prints and Premium Content is NOT allowed
EXCLUSIVE STOCK (purchased with points or paypal) can be for Non-Commercial AND Deviantart Prints. The amount of points or USD paid to paypal is the small fee you would pay to gain PERMISSION to sell your work via DA PRINTS and DA Premium Content ONLY

Stock use for Traditional Artists
Traditional Artists: YOU have FULL PERMISSION to use my stock as a reference as long as you credit me and the stock used.

Deviant Art Policies to Note
Please read DA's Submission Policy carefully. I know it's LONG but it's very important agreement everytime YOU upload a image: DA Submission Policy

Exclusive Stock is for LIMITED Commercial Use
- Exclusive stock may be used for commercial use with SOME exceptions.
Please do NOT use my stock in any corporate contests run either in conjunction with DeviantART or separately by any outside companies/magazines. 
You still cannot use my stock for commercial purposes such as Book Illustrations, Websites, CD Covers, Etc. 
- However, if you ask for permission, I MAY make an exception to this rule. Commercial use will only be granted on a person/person, case/case basis. You can contact me with the details first and we will go from there.
~ If you are UNSURE, if commercial use is allowed. Please ASK FIRST before assuming ~

There are a couple of ways to contact me regarding my TOS. You may note me privately or you can email me at ilia_midnight[at] (please have the subject as "TOS Question" and identify yourself as who you are)

Additional Notes
My stock does not belong in the public domain, the license I extend for use is for DA members ONLY - if you do not understand, please ask for clarification.
- Just because not all my stock has visible copyright watermark does NOT mean that they are not SUBJECT TO COPYRIGHT PERMISSIONS. I GIVE DEVIANTART USERS ONLY PERMISSION TO DOWNLOAD, USE, MANIPULATE MY STOCK BUT NOT MY ARTWORK. This does NOT MEAN that you can copy and paste unmanipulated stock into your own website. THIS IS COPYRIGHT VIOLATION.

Please take a moment to read these IMPORTANT links

and Finally
I reserve the right to remove, change, amend any and/or all of my stock rules at ANY TIME.

(Update) ATTENTIONIf you have me blocked for whatever reason Or You are BLOCKED by meYOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE MY STOCK AT ALL. If I find that you have USED my stock. I WILL REPORT YOU and IT WILL GET REMOVED. (if you find anything that looks like my stock and you would like me to investigate. Please send me a note ONLY)

Special thanks to the lovely and talented Poserfan/Poserfan-Stock for allowing me to use her TOU as a base for my TOU. Hug


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